Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Marketing the Microsoft Way

Anne Stanton posted a summary of the Microsoft Marketing web seminar today on her blog. She summarizes several good points that were made during the presentation. The presenter, Lori Stutsman, had lots of good tips to help you market better. Here a couple of things that stuck with me.

  1. Mix up your approach, but keep the same message. Different people respond to different mediums. Post cards, email, letters, etc.

  2. Stats say prospects have to be contacted three times to recognize your name and nine times to feel comfortable buying something from you. I like the Gentle Rain approach. Keep on them, but do it gently.

  3. The best time to send out an email campaign is Tuesday and Wednesday. The best time of day is high noon. Mondays and Fridays are out because of the weekend. Thursday isn’t good because people are trying to clear things off for the weekend. Does this mean we only really work two days a week???

  4. Microsoft is offering $600 dollar match for any campaign you launch though their web site. I took advantage of it a couple weeks ago. Now I just have to sit back and wait for the clients to bust down my door. Right?

There were many more tips, so I encourage you to review the web seminar when it’s made available. http://www.msreadiness.com/

One comment that I wanted to make at the web seminar, but held my tongue, was that SonicWALL has been helping partners run campaigns for years and they are a hell of a lot cheaper that MS. I have to give MS points for trying.

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Anonymous said...

I also had an issue with the price because even with the matching dollars the marketing event is a LOT more expensive than can be done with some of the other tools available. Like Amazing Mail..