Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tivo Security

What to hear something funny? Tivo doesn’t support RADIUS…… Can you imagine that? My home DVR doesn’t support a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service. I’m just trying to secure my home network, but noooooooo! At least Tivo supports WEP.


Tim Barrett said...

Why do you need RADIUS for TiVo?

Gordon Carlisle said...

I should be more clear. I'm running a pretty extensive network in my house. Multiple servers, Wireless AP authenticating via RADIUS to a SBS server, VoIP for phone service. There's the sticking point.... Tivo won't dial in through my VoIP carrier so I have it connecting to my wireless network. The problem is TIVO won't authenticate with the RADIUS server either so I need to step back down to WEP on my AP.