Monday, July 31, 2006

Class, repeat after me.... I will not upgrade my system

There are so many reasons why you should rebuild a computer rather that upgrade it from a prior version of Windows. If you think about it you could have a computer that was originally built with Windows 95 that is now running XP through a series of upgrades. Can you upgrade from 98 to 2000?? I can't remember.... Anyway, when you upgrade you carry with you all the junk that you installed with your last operating system. That also includes all the problems you were having. One issue that took me a bit to figure out was why I had a workstation that you could not connect to the event viewer or regedit remotely. After working through all the troubleshooting steps that MSFT has me do I finally hit Q892192 and that solved the problem.
There is a reason you have a garage sale before you move. You just don't need to take all that stuff to your next house.

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