Monday, August 07, 2006

SonicWALL is killing my Exchange BPA Update

I've done this enough times to know that when something doesn't work right the first time you figure out a work around or just try it again. If it happens again you need to go after root cause. Well in this weeks installment of "What's my SonicWALL blocking" we join our firewall as it prevents Exchange Best Practice Analyzer from updating. Symptoms are that the BPA gets to the end of it's update and just sits.... and sits.... and sits. When you kill the update it corrupts the XML config file and you have to uninstall & reinstall Exchange BPA. To allow updates to complete you need to TEMPORARILY disable prevention of Signature 3182 (Internet Explorer Nested OBJECT Tag Memory Corruption) on the SonicWALL. Run the Exchange BPA update and it should complete. You will also see a ton of Threats logged in the SonicWALL. After the update is complete I would recommend that your re-enable the prevention of 3182 after you do the update so your protected if you actually run across this threat.

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